Thursday, 29 March 2012

Cat got your tongue

My outfit on tuesday.

I was expecting cloudy skies but unfortunately it was terribly hot.
 The weather here is so unpredictable, it switches from sunny to rainy within the hour sometimes. I do really love the top and socks though. It would be perfect with cooler breezy air. 

What's good for humid weather? Ice cream! Strawberry cheesecake ice cream to be exact.

I'm always lamenting that I can't wait to start travelling more to places that are further away. I want to see everything and do everything! Climb some mountains, maybe get into some trouble..haha. Europe or the states is gonna see my ass sometime this year!


Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Sugarlips Apparel

Wearing: Sugarlips - Caught in action dress (here) , THE CULTLABEL - Half Tint Shades & Studded Leather Bag (here) , Jeffrey Campbell Spiked Litas.

My dress was kindly sent by Sugarlips Apparel a clothing company based in LA. It's one of the most comfortable dresses that I've worn as of yet. Even with its laser cut out details, the suede upper half of the dress is amazingly soft! A slightly different look for me but perfect for spring/summer. They also provide complimentary domestic shipping!If you're living in the states, that's free shipping for you. Score!

Also, my shoes have become almost an everyday staple for now as they go well with just about anything.