Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Jeffrey Campbell Dominique Spike Platform

I'm such a sucker for hot shoes! Standing at 7 inches..New in, from Jeffrey Campbell.

Dominique Spike Platform's

These could run a risk of coming off looking tacky or I dare say hoochie mama-ish though if you're not careful. Ahh..I love them and they look killer, but i'll have to think about it.

Monday, 14 November 2011


First up, THE CULTLABEL store has been updated with new stuff!

There's quite a bit of other items on the site not featured here, which you can check out at:

Pop over and take a look :)

I bought some new things and all of them make me pretty damn happy!
I finally got my hands on a book I've been meaning to read for the longest time, I don't know why I took ages (years) to get it but I've got it now!

It's the autobiography by Marilyn Manson, 'The long hard road out of hell'.
I've always loved his work and music, so this was a no brainer to read.

Not many people know this but I've a little thing for My little pony.
 I don't collect toys or anything quite like that but I have to say that these ponies are so adorable that I can't help but like them.

 I think some vintage ones would be pretty nifty!

And here's my last new purchase, it's my fave one..

Yves saint laurent arty ring in aqua/pink.

I prefer this way more than the black YSL arty ring I was previously intending to get.
 I've never seen this colour before and I was so glad it was in my size as it was the last one. The silver looking designs in the stone are actually a really light pink colour in real life  ♥

Also worth a mention is the new Karl Lagerfeld For Sephora range that's out now.
It's available in Singapore and parts of europe :)

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Gothic Chic x IWEARSIN

Dark and ever slightly Gothic for the Halloween mood.

My Chiffon Asymmetric Draped Blouse  and  Sleek and Slashed Leggings are sponsored by the lovely people at Iwearsin -

Iwearsin is also currently having a promotion and they're giving away vouchers worth USD$10 each!
Find out more about how you can get it here -
I must add that they ship internationally too so don't forget to check out their website :)

I absolutely adore the top! It's made of really good mesh material and there's a 101 ways to match it as it's so versatile. I'm going to layer it over a body con dress the next time I wear it  ♥

They also sent me a couple of other pieces which I'll do in another post.

I don't know if you've noticed but my hair has gotten so long as I haven't snipped it for about 4 months. It's half way past my bum now haha. I need a trim soon!