Thursday, 27 October 2011

Gareth Pugh X MAC and H&M

Here's two new things that I think are worth keeping a look out for..

Firstly, Gareth Pugh is going to be doing a collaboration with M.A.C! 
Uh huh you heard that right!

The whole range looks like it's going to have heaps of lovely dark hues as well. Can't wait to get my hands on some of them! I do really wish that the packaging could have been a little more fierce and elaborate though but, that's just me. 

Take for example the awesome collaboration he did with Absolute Vodka :

So amazing-g-g, gosh. I need to get one!

Have you heard of the movie The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo? 
 I've watched the Swedish 2009 version and quite liked the lead character's punk-boyish style. A new english version will be out in December as well.

Anyway, surprise surprise!
H&M will be doing a range based on that movie's lead character, Lisbeth Salander.
I don't know if they'll bring in this range for Singapore though but I hope so.


Speaking of H&M, I'm just not feeling too much of the Versace collection.
Here's a few pieces that I do fancy and I must say that I do like them a whole lot.

The leather jacket and leather dress are stunning!
Some of the colours for the other items in the collection are way too gaudy, I prefer the soilds. 

Really now, Aloha Hawaii prints? Definitely sticking away from that.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Jeffrey Campbell Night Walk

All fresh and new are the Glitter Multi Night Walks by Jeffrey Campbell!

 My first thoughts where woah, I love em' and I must have em'!
But now i'm not quite sure. They sure are mesmerizing though.

What say you? Yay or Nay?

Next up on my to get list however is the Neon pink Lita's!
Not for everyone but great for bringing out the badass inner barbie i'd say.

Sunday, 9 October 2011

ALL TIME LOW - Wavehouse Sentosa

I'm not a huge All Time low fan by any means but they have some catchy songs and are fun to watch. Popped by their show on thursday.Was it good? Pretty much! But..the rain made everything a little less awesome then it could be. It stopped mid way though so all was fine. Thankfully, I didn't leave my place before the rain so I could prepare something to wear that was kinda... rain friendly!

1. Boots, Great as there was sand everywhere. 2. Blackmilk swimsuit/bodysuit, perfect for wet weather :)
3. Denim shorts, Less is more. 4. Fringed sling bag.

Here's the rest!

Opening band, Dirt Radicals.
 Who doesn't love a bra decorated mic stand?

I think I might be getting a bit old for crowds haha.
 I want to see so many bands but ain't too keen on being one with the crowd. I really dislike people around me that sweat buckets and splash it all around. I had a girl who kept grinding her butt against me. I'm sure she didn't really notice but still..not cute.

Thursday, 6 October 2011

You've got me poppin' champagne

I've just done a disappearing act haven't I? I'm back!

Here's a little stream of pictures for now..

Passion fruit tea, very yummers.

The opening of H&M in Singapore is old news now but I think it's not too bad actually.
 A tad over rated but I do think they have wonderful stuff for kids..

My fave outfit! How friggin' adorable is this fringed get up?

I liked this dress a whole lot and wanted to get it + the colour matches my bra haha
 but look at the back...

 I hate it when this happens!
My boobies are a fairly decent size in comparison to my body proportions and with dresses like these, the chest area gets squished and can't be zipped up from behind because it's too small/tight. The waist area is too loose as well so a size up isn't an option. Wonderful.

Totally random roasted bacon potatoes that I made.

And here are two of my newest babies..
My Cosmic Lita's from Jeffrey Campbell came and I have no regrets getting them. They are hot!

They've only been worn once so far. I have noticed however that for Lita's like the Cosmic ones, each pair isn't identical so every shoe's pattern is slightly different with the colour and placement.

I've just ordered the Spike Lita's and can't wait to get them next!

The other purchase that came in is from Blackmilk.

Hmm yes. I'm just a bit addicted to their stuff and need more soon.

Also. I'm heading down for All Time Low's concert tomorrow!

Last but not least, i'm in a little feature in Moda De La Mode Magaine.
It's a great read so do check it out below :)

Blog again soon xoxo.