Thursday, 1 December 2011

What to wear when meeting your boyfriend's parents

I got inspired to do this post because it'll be meeting my boyfriend's dad soon.
I never got the chance to meet him because he lives in Germany.

I know tonnes of people get the nerves when meeting the parents for the first time. Now, I'm not much of a shy person except when it comes to parents strangely and I can get the nerves too!

Here's a little post fashion-wise on my tips of do's and don'ts:

 1. Less is not more

Yes your boyfriend might appreciate it when it's for him but please hold the flesh fest when meeting someones parents for the first time. Not only is it tacky, it's disrespectful.  

2. What not to wear? 

 Mini skirts
Daisy dukes/Shorts
Platform High heels/boots
Anything that's too tight and short
Excessive accessories 

 Even if you do wear all of the above (like I do haha).
It's best to hold back on the first meeting.

  Now don't get me wrong, I've always believed in being yourself and dressing however you like. However, it's about being dressed appropriately for the occasion in your own style. No one's advocating you to look like a nun ;)

3.  What to wear

So what do you wear?
Anything you want really as long as you don't break any of the rules above.
 Wear what you'd normally wear but if you're naturally very dressy or trendy just tone it down a little. A cardigan also always comes in handy. I think a really safe choice is a Maxi dress because it can go both ways, casual and dressy if needed. It doesn't show or cover too much and it looks good.

Let me know what you wore to meet the parents as well!

 Also, did a feature and interview on me.

Here's some screen shots below:

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keep in touch with fashion said...

thanks darlin for your sweet comment!!!
love your stile , if you want we can follow!! kiss

frida said...

I would say jeans with a simple sweater is always safe! and dress it up with shoes and jewelry :)

HeyDahye said...

Great post. I love your style!

Camilla Brozzo said...

I love this *-*
thanks for your visit and come back always!

Mitha Komala said...

this is such a useful tip, and so informative! thanks for sharing dear, awesome one. <3

CR said...

Well i first have to worry about finding a boyfriend so the i could worry about this! hahahah The maxi is a great choice! i´ll keep it in mind..who knows! maybe someday!


lilo said...

hahaha I love it!

Peiji said...

I love your accessories! you wear them really well :)
I wore a sort of mini dress when I first met my
significant's mother, but it was more of a semi-
formal emerald green sleeveless dress, plus it
was summer, so I think it was ok? I'm starting
to think that it wasn't now lol XD

I love maxi dresses but I feel that I'm too petite
for it sometimes. Also hard to find ones that are
made for us petite girls!

thereformedwanderer said...

I really LOVE your style. You never fail to amaze me.. truly inspiring :)
and love the post hahaha i found it quite amusing.

crayola actually said...

Good list, and good luck with meeting the parents! You have an amazing blog, love your style!



Petra said...

No matter what u wear u still look sexified! What a lucky boyfriend you have! He must be cute!! Love the post btw ;)

MKYK said...

cute post! and those shoes are killer, btw. good luck meeting the parentals :)

Nina said...

i really enjoyed this post, happy holidays!!