Sunday, 14 August 2011



-I haven't vanished! Promise!
School has eaten up most of my time but i'm graduating pretty soon.

- Tweeking my hair a little'll still be blonde though, more or less. No clues here for now!

- THE CULTLABEL will be having it's new launch next week!
If you like something get it before it gets sold out.


Had dinner with my parents last week at SANTI. You may have heard of it before, SANTI was owned by the late celebrity chef Santi Santamaria.   
Great place, great service and great quality food. Be prepared to pay a pretty penny though.

 Bacon / cured ham bread.
My god this is so damn mighty delish!! I could eat a million pieces of this and a million more after.

 Guess what this is..

Octopus and honeydew soup and it taste exactly like how it sounds and its cold.
I know I know, it sounds horrible but it's actually tasty in a very odd way.

My first time tasting foie gras and I don't like it. Taste like i've licked a duck on the face that hasn't taken a bath in 3 weeks. Won't be tasting it again. I've also learnt that the process of getting foie gras is pretty cruel so all the more i'll be staying away from it.

Wagyu beef and truffles!!

Another serving of beef, I couldn't finish it but still had space for desert!

Look at those little unappealing sad looking squares at the bottom..THEY ARE THE BEST COOKIES/SHORTCAKE I've eaten. SO YUMMY! 

Baileys cream, hmmm.

THE CULTLABEL got featured in Weareveryouare,

For the full page go to: 

I love metal/rock bands although i've moved along more into electro and indie as i've gotten abit older (damn)
Still do though! Going to pump up on getting some band tee's, do some snipping and nipping and tuck em to pair them with denim shorts and ripped stockings..yum.

Threw in a HIM one just because I like them.


The Cat Hag said...

The food looks super scrumptious!!

I have never been very adventurous when it comes to food haha, and whenever I eat pricey food, I will think many random things like I could have bought 2 dresses with this amount of money or one pair of MJ shoes etc. ;)

Hope you are having a good weekend babe!

The Cat Hag

Madeline Quaint said...

You're right, I'm sure the dress I wore in my last post isn't really your style! Thank you for leaving a flattering comment anyway! :)

I think you're simply gorgeous and this food looks really special and delicious.

And I know what you mean about the foie gras. :)

Ask Erena said...

OMG! That food looks great! Thank you for stopping by.. Love your style and am following you.. Follow me?
Ask Erena

lasophia said...

I shouldnt have read the duck licking face, no bath caption while I was eating my breakfast haha. But good description! You look beautiful Nicole! You so fancy!

Phillipe LeNerd † said...

OMFG! Nichole
1º you look superb srsly so hot liek a living doll
obsessed with your eyes

2º OH GOD! how funny is this!
my brother's name is Santiago Santamaría .like SANTI'S restaurant
so funny! and what about the delicious food omg!

3º I love you and can't wait to see your hair!

ali.avenue said...

aww thanks so much!!

Annabelle Fleur said...

Wow, you are absolutely stunning! Gorgeous style you have, darling! Ah, and the foods looks so fabulous! Love your blog and now following! Maybe you'll have time to visit my blog:)


Miss Kwong said...

u are so chic Nicole! :) all the food look so nice.


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Miss Kwong - Art and Fashion

Erika said...

Those food indeed look amazing! congrats on ur feature! you're amazing :) and thats y I decided to pass the love and award u with some blog awards, pls check out this page for more info!


Mimi said...

yummy food! i really want to taste wagyu beef -- is it as delicious as they say? and yeah, i've heard of how to make foie gras, and it is pretty cruel. :/

p.s. yay for graduating soon!

<3, Mimi

decimal shoes said...

i love every pics, especially the food, looks really yummy!
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Bethany Heron said...

i love your blog :D xx

Rinny said...

You look amazing :) I love your hair too - the color looks great against your skintone. The food looks really yummy - minus the foie gras. The idea of liver never really appealed to me :P