Thursday, 7 July 2011


Watched The lion king musical and stayed over at Marina bay sands hotel over the weekend.
The muscial was spectacular. Loved every bit of it.

Sugar overload, seriously.

Went down to Yves saint laurent today and Peter (my boyfriend), got me the arty oval ring.
It's so gorgeous!!!!! and such a unique colour ♥

 I haven't really seen anyone with it yet and it's so hard to find images of this version online.

And in sunlight...

I think I need a gold version of the arty.
I'll probably be getting myself the gold/black multi ring once stock arrives. It's lovely as well.


effortlesscool said...

so much love....that tub, those sweets, and OFCOURSE, I 'm totally envious of that ring!

XO Sahra

Phillipe LeNerd † said...

stunning ring and those pictures from the hotel room are divine
you're always fun and fresh
love u xx

Fashion Cents said...

i saw the lion king once. it was soo good!

Rinny said...

The hotel room looks beautiful :) Hope you enjoyed your stay! The ring is gorgeous as well - the purple stone is such a beautiful color.