Saturday, 10 August 2013


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I still plan on blogging and doing outfit posts and such.
I think I may want to do a little revamp on the layout first though.

 Till then

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Oh hey!

I haven't been updating but I was never gone so i'll be updating more frequently again!!
In the meantime here are some recent pictures from ,
I'll be back to sharing personal style photos/everyday outfits.

Till the next post (soonish) xoxo

Monday, 7 May 2012


Have you guys heard of Scott Hove? His works are so so dope. His art focuses on cake decorating techniques using materials that include acrylic gels and taxidermy/artificial teeth! An awesome mix of creepy and cute.


Last but not least, these killer heels!

View Scott Hove's website at:

Kelly McCallum is  another artist that has sculptures which feature victorian taxidermy and fine goldsmithing. She also has fantastic jewelry which I adore. I really like how she makes the image of decay look beautiful with jewels.


Plumage & Paradise exhibition at Mount Street’s Shizaru gallery. There's even a functional aquarium right in the middle.

Visit Kelly McCallum's website at:


Thursday, 29 March 2012

Cat got your tongue

My outfit on tuesday.

I was expecting cloudy skies but unfortunately it was terribly hot.
 The weather here is so unpredictable, it switches from sunny to rainy within the hour sometimes. I do really love the top and socks though. It would be perfect with cooler breezy air. 

What's good for humid weather? Ice cream! Strawberry cheesecake ice cream to be exact.

I'm always lamenting that I can't wait to start travelling more to places that are further away. I want to see everything and do everything! Climb some mountains, maybe get into some trouble..haha. Europe or the states is gonna see my ass sometime this year!


Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Sugarlips Apparel

Wearing: Sugarlips - Caught in action dress (here) , THE CULTLABEL - Half Tint Shades & Studded Leather Bag (here) , Jeffrey Campbell Spiked Litas.

My dress was kindly sent by Sugarlips Apparel a clothing company based in LA. It's one of the most comfortable dresses that I've worn as of yet. Even with its laser cut out details, the suede upper half of the dress is amazingly soft! A slightly different look for me but perfect for spring/summer. They also provide complimentary domestic shipping!If you're living in the states, that's free shipping for you. Score!

Also, my shoes have become almost an everyday staple for now as they go well with just about anything.


Monday, 27 February 2012

Young, Wild & Free

My hair is now a very pale pastel purple/lilac!

I'm currently digging grungy, coloured hair and plan on growing out my roots till I can do longer stand it and have to go for a touch up again haha. I'm also planning on adding abit more colour here and there sometime soon though.

Love-hate relationship with my spiked jackets as they catch on really easily and get my hair tangled in them.

Here's some yummy food I just had. 
I've so many many food pictures that I've been taking the past few weeks and will share them soon :) 

Friday, 27 January 2012

Kris Kuksi Lust

Introducing - Kris Kuksi, an artist who does sculptures quite unlike any other.

His work is insanely fascinating, dark, detailed and otherworldly. I am completely in love and blown away with his pieces. Most of his art also consist of old toys and mechanical parts. It's macabre art at it's best.

It's a bummer that we can't all own art work like these easily but at least there's a redeeming factor that you can have some form of it with you.

I've discovered that they have skins for either the iphone or laptop and I can't wait to get my hands on them - once in stock!
( love this one )
Visit for more of his work.